Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Projects I have been workin on.

I'm finally getting my self inline. This is the start of what should be a weekly update on the current progress of my work and my influences. To start out since I have been a major slacker I will cover some of the more recent projects I have done or am working on.

The World Vision Benefit show was a massive success for a first time endeavor. All the 40 pieces in the show sold. And we raised $1000 that will all go to World Vision. These are a couple of the drawings I had in the show.

Currently I am working on several projects. I have a zine in the works that is a catalog of styles of facial hair in the form of trading cards. I know that sounds ridiculous but bear with me. You'll want one when its finished I guarantee. Here is a small sample of one of the drawings for the zine, called the Reverse Goatee.
Finally I have been doing some prep work for I show I would like to do in the Late Spring early summer-ish, hopefully. I can tell you that it will involve more drawings and sock puppets. What show doesn't.

Next week I plan on giving people a little glimpse into the process of the way I work. I know none of you care. But I'm doing it anyway so deal.

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