Sunday, November 16, 2008


So something New has recently happened to me. It kind of came as a shock because I spent 5 years of art school avoiding the stuff like the plague I actually hated it. But I have a confession. I love Typography! Don't know how it that came about but I love had drawing letters. I only wish I knew more about how to use it in my art. So for the moment its use is in the very ruff experimental stage for me.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Currently I have been doing some drawings of 80's pop tv and movie icons. I thought I would use one of them(Magnum PI) as an example of how I move from one end of the drawing process to the other. First I make childish scribbles that are so small and inconclusive that only i really have any idea what they are. There more like reminders to me to find my way back to the image i have decided on in my head.

Next we graduate to the ruff pencil sketch but in reality this is more like a leap from the start of the k-12 system, to the end without passing Go or collecting my 200 dollars. Before this I do the all important research stage in which I spend hours on the internet looking for a bizzilion photos I will only use about a third of.
From this I Jump right in to possibly the most meticulous and terrifying part of the whole ordeal. I take the smallest micron produced to my knowledge the .20mm and make pretty much all the decisions permanent. When I freeze up on lets say how to ink the hand or the face I usually take that time to work on mindless things like drawing grass or gravel. Eventually it looks something like this.
Finally, if I haven't by this point decided the drawing is going to be complete crap. I then take a much lager micron (.25mm) and repeatedly draw over and over the frist pen lines untill I build up the line weight I want. And then this happens.

The End.